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What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is an extremely relaxing treatment based on Ayurvedic healing - an ancient holistic healthcare system which balances the mind, body and spirit. It stimulates the flow of energy through the body by massaging points on the head and neck, creating harmony and balance throughout the body. It is based on the same principles as reflexology ie the unblocking of our network of energy channels ('meridians', or 'nadis'), by massaging 'marma' points located in the head and neck. This balances the flow of energy, tones the surrounding muscles, releases toxins, and maintains overall health and wellbeing.

What to Expect

Treatment is carried out in an upright, seated position. It is not essential to remove clothing, however, to allow massage of the upper back and shoulders I normally advise removing your top or wearing something that allows access to these areas eg a vest top. A warm, fluffy towel will be provided to wrap around your upper body. An oil or cream will be used for the massage, however, if you prefer it is possible to carry out the scalp and face massage without the use of an oil, which has the advantage of avoiding messy hair afterwards!

The treatment lasts for 45 minutes and involves massage of the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face. I also include some hand reflexology into the treatment, allowing me to target any other problems areas in the body using reflexology techniques.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is extremely relaxing, stimulating and invigorating. It has many benefits. Massage of the neck and shoulders brings relief from tension and stress in the muscles. The circulatory and lymphatic systems are stimulated, reducing tension, restoring flexibility, easing movement and delivering more oxygen to the body and brain. Massaging the scalp stimulates the flow of blood to the hair follicles, improving healthy hair growth. It also works on an emotional level, calming the mind and spirit by promoting mental relaxation, creating a sense of calm and tranquillity.

By reducing stress and tension, many stress related conditions can improve eg insomnia, restlessness. Blood flow is increased to the digestive, urinary and reproductive systems, areas often affected by high levels of stress. Massage stimulates the release of endorphins which help to reduce the perception of pain and elevate your mood, reducing irritability, anxiety and depression.

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