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What is Reflexology?

The art of reflexology is an ancient therapy that has been practised for over 5000 years.

It is based on the theory that Qi, (energy or life force energy) flows through the body in channels known as meridians that connect to all of our major organs. It is thought that illness arises when the flow of Qi in the meridians becomes unbalanced or is blocked.

Reflexology helps to unblock these pathways by massaging and applying pressure to reflex points on the feet or hands. This cleanses and balances the body and encourages natural healing.

What to expect

Before your first treatment I will explain the therapy and ask you to complete a consultation form with details of your medical history, current health and lifestyle. This will help me to treat you holistically, getting to the root of any problems.

Reflexology is a very easy treatment to receive. It is usually carried out on the feet but can also be administered through the hands. Treatment will involve sitting in a comfortable reclining chair, and I will use my thumbs, fingers or knuckles to apply pressure to the feet. This will enable me to detect and release blockages allowing the flow of energy to the body, and enabling the body to heal itself. Some areas on the feet may feel tender when pressed, but this will pass. The whole experience is extremely relaxing and pleasant. After the treatment I will discuss my findings with you and may recommend further treatments or advice to help improve your health and wellbeing.

After a reflexology treatment most people feel very relaxed and experience an improved sense of mood and general wellbeing. Occasionally people feel tired, or have a mild headache. These are normal reactions and are part of the healing process – any symptoms should pass within 24 hours. It is important to drink plenty of water after your treatment to help flush out waste products from the body. Also try to rest to allow the body time for self healing and avoid stimulants such as tea, coffee and alcohol.

About Reflexology. relaxed woman

Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology can help to

  • Release stress and tension
  • Induce deep relaxation
  • Aid sleep
  • Improve mood & overall sense of wellbeing

    As the body heals itself naturally, many other health problems may be improved, but this happens on a very individual basis. I take an holistic approach, my aim being to support you as a whole person.

  • Specialist treatments

    My training included specialist subjects in how to adapt reflexology for sub-fertility, maternity and palliative care.

    • Reflexology can help support couples who are trying to conceive. It will relax and balance the whole body, encouraging it to work more efficiently and relieve the stress and anxiety couples can experience whilst going through this difficult time.

    • Reflexology is wonderful during pregnancy, it is natural, non invasive and brings about balance and harmony for the mum to be. It can also help with a variety of pregnancy related ailments.

    • Reflexology can provide comfort, relaxation and stress relief to people who are terminally ill and their families.

    So in summary, reflexology can help everyone - babies, children, adults and the elderly; all will benefit from this gentle, relaxing and natural therapy.

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